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Helping communities live their most vitally healthy lives

Live a vital, full, extraordinary life!

Vita-Mentality is all about helping you discover and then live your most vitally healthy life. From your nutrition, to your fitness routine, to your sleep schedule, to your social connections... every aspect of your life all adds up to how healthy and vibrant you are overall.

It is my job to use my knowledge that combines the art of cooking with the science of nutrition and how the body works to help you develop a comprehensive, nutrient-dense, whole-food approach to your meals that is easy to implement into your busy life, super tasty and something your whole family will love. 

My mission is simple: Inspire people to move toward healthier living using whole ingredients and  home-cooked meals . The end result is that together, we will create a meal plan that promotes optimal health through nutrition that your whole family will love! 

My analogy regarding health and fitness is pretty simple: Humans are a lot like plants. When taken care of and treated well, their bodies will thrive and bloom into wonderful things. But when neglected or forgotten, they wither and eventually die. 

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